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We accelerate the transformation of the transport sector through technology.



We accelerate the transformation of the transport sector through technology.

Move at the speed of change with SEIDOR & SAP's industry software for transport & logistics.

Digital transformation in transport involves leveraging technologies for efficiency, customer experience, and market adaptability. Key areas include:

IoT devices and sensors for real-time shipment tracking

Digital platforms for seamless online booking and tracking.

Automation for inventory management and order processing.

Big data analytics for operational insights.

Strengthened protocols for customer and operational data protection.

Digital tools for ensuring industry compliance.

Digital platforms for real-time tracking and transparency.

This transformation is a holistic approach driving innovation, efficiency, and sustainability throughout the entire transport value chain.

At SEIDOR we have the knowledge, experience and product sets to assist you in each step of your journey.

Challenges of the sector

Gestión de cambios

Trip Expense Request Management


Fleet Management


Tyre Management

rueda dentada

Workshop Management


Trip Planning

Acceso rápido e intuitivo

Trip Log Management

detección, clasificación e identificación de datos

Integration to Tracking Systems




Transport planning

Transport execution

Costs and settlement

Analysis and reports

Freight strategy

Orders management

Drag and drop

Transport planning

Planning and replanning in a dynamic manner, either manually or automatically
Vehicle load planning
Driver resources management

Transport execution

Transport documents
Capacity management and monitoring with real-time event management

Costs and settlement

Early calculation of freight charges and administration of charges and fares
Freight settlement with capacities and automated courier invoicing

Analysis and reports

Real-time data based decision-making
Determination of optimal rates and combinations of modes, routes, resources and couriers

Freight strategy

Acquisition of goods with advanced analysis and simulation
Contract quote generation and automated fare determination

Orders management

Optimal routing proposals
Changes in transport demand
Programming of orders and sales to support customer delivery commitments

Our partners in the transport industry

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13 February 2023

6 ways to maximise ROI with real-time transport visibility

The challenges of transport and logistics management across the African continent present significant opportunities for companies that can leapfrog traditional supply chain practices and adopt automation technologies.

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Daisy Ndanyi
27 January 2023

Using digital tech to supercharge supply chain ROI and gain real-time transport visibility

To grow and remain profitable in this landscape, leading transport and logistics companies are seeking to leapfrog traditional supply chain practices and gain a real-time view of transport and logistics.

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Heinrich De Leeuw - SEIDOR in Africa
Heinrich de Leeuw
Managing Director - SEIDOR South Africa
15 December 2020

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The race to constantly innovate, to stay ahead and remain relevant, has never been tougher. In a world of information at our fingertips, consumer expectations are more demanding than ever.

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Terrence Chowles - SEIDOR in Africa
Terrence Chowles
Project Director - SEIDOR Cloud in Africa